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Gaggan at Louis Vuitton

Where Luxury Fashion Meets Culinary Innovation in Bangkok.

Gourmands will find it easy to fall in love with Bangkok, Thailand's capital, which has long been known for its vibrant food culture. Gaggan Anand, the acclaimed Indian chef behind the award-winning Gaggan restaurant, is one such culinary maestro who has embraced the city's charm, relocating there 17 years ago.

Anand's latest venture is a partnership with luxury fashion giant Louis Vuitton, which has opened its first restaurant in Southeast Asia - Gaggan at Louis Vuitton. Located within LV The Place Bangkok at the Gaysorn Amarin shopping center, this 30-seat restaurant offers an immersive dining experience that fuses high fashion and innovative cuisine.

The elegant space is designed with Louis Vuitton's signature touches, including undulating walls, flower lamps adorned with the brand's monogram, and fringed curtains. The private dining room even mimics the feeling of being inside a Louis Vuitton trunk, complete with a view of the kitchen.

Anand's menu at Gaggan at Louis Vuitton is a clever fusion of cross-cultural flavors, drawing inspiration from his time in India, Thailand, and Japan. Dishes like the Thai-inspired lobster and the mushroom dumpling with a damier pattern showcase the chef's ability to seamlessly blend luxury and creativity.

Anand sources ingredients from local farmers and fishermen, aiming to go "nose-to-tail" with every component used. This commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing is reflected in the menu, which features visually stunning and delicious creations.

Gaggan’s Culinary Empire in Bangkok

Gaggan has made the city more than his home; it is where he has also built his culinary empire with award-winning concepts such as Gaggan Anand, his eponymous modern Indian restaurant that pushes the boundaries of fine dining, and Ms Maria & Mr Singh, which fuses Mexican and Indian food cultures into innovative menus. The latter has expanded overseas with its first international outpost in Singapore.

Gaggan at Louis Vuitton is Anand's latest venture, and he considers it his "most personal concept" where diners will feel "more comfortable with my cooking." The chef likens this partnership with Louis Vuitton to the iconic collaboration between Run DMC and Aerosmith, where two seemingly disparate genres were brought together to create something groundbreaking.

Transporting Dining Experience

The restaurant's design and menu are carefully curated to transport diners on a culinary journey inspired by the legacy of Louis Vuitton. The iconic trunks and luggage that the brand is known for are prominently featured at the restaurant's entrance, setting the tone for the elegant and immersive experience that awaits.

Damier Momo by Gaggan

The menu features dishes that pay homage to the brand's origins, such as a curry inspired by a popular dish from the Jura region of France, where Louis Vuitton was born. The Chinese-inspired mushroom dumpling, dubbed the "Damier Momo," also features a striped pattern crafted by weaving two different-colored pastas together, a nod to the brand's signature Damier pattern.

Feature: Dej Kewkacha's Desserts

Among the array of 17 courses offered for dinner, three stand out as delectable desserts meticulously crafted by the esteemed Thai pastry chef, Dej Kewkacha, recipient of multiple awards. The remaining dishes on the menu are thoughtfully curated by Anand, the owner-chef. Dej Kewkacha is the owner of Kacha Brothers, which oversees more than 50 Food & Beverage establishments, encompassing seven prominent brands, notably including Kyo Roll En, heralded as Thailand’s foremost Japanese dessert cafe chain, as recognized in the "Bangkok’s Best Restaurants 2019" awards under the category of "Best Dessert Cafe."

A Transporting Dining Experience

Gaggan at Louis Vuitton offers an elevated dining experience that seamlessly blends luxury, fashion, and culinary innovation. From the elegant design of the space to the meticulously crafted dishes, the restaurant transports diners on a journey that celebrates the legacy of Louis Vuitton and the culinary mastery of Gaggan Anand.

With its exclusive menu, stunning presentation, and commitment to sustainability, Gaggan at Louis Vuitton is a must-visit destination for gourmands and fashion enthusiasts alike, who seek an immersive and unforgettable dining experience in the heart of Bangkok.


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