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Côte: journey through the Mediterranean

Côte at Capella Bangkok offers an immersive culinary journey through the Mediterranean, with each dish crafted to tell a story. DMA's top pick!!!

Chef Davide Garavaglia:

Crafting Culinary Excellence in the Heart of Bangkok

In the bustling metropolis of Bangkok, amidst the vibrant tapestry of flavors and aromas, one chef stands out as a beacon of culinary excellence. Meet Davide Garavaglia, a passionate young Italian whose love affair with food has taken him on a journey of mastery and innovation.

Born in the coastal region of Liguria, Garavaglia's culinary roots run deep, intertwined with the rich traditions of Mediterranean cuisine. From an early age, he harbored a fervent desire to hone his craft, embarking on a culinary odyssey that would ultimately lead him to the heart of Thailand's capital.

Garavaglia's culinary education reads like a who's who of gastronomic luminaries. Under the tutelage of world-class masters such as Mauro Colagreco and Pierre Gagnaire, he honed his skills to perfection, absorbing their wisdom and expertise like a sponge. (As you can see with the photos below, his cooking techniques are already very concrete, freely expressing his inspiration on the dish. It was very obvious that the quality of the food is almost made with perfection.)

Together, Garavaglia and Colagreco achieved the pinnacle of gastronomic success, earning three Michelin stars for Mirazur in 2015 and securing the coveted top spot in "The World's 50 Best Restaurants" list. Their partnership was a testament to Garavaglia's unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation.

In 2022, Garavaglia's culinary prowess took center stage in Bangkok as he assumed the helm at Côte by Mauro Colagreco, nestled within the luxurious confines of Capella Bangkok. With his deft touch and creative flair, he captivated diners with dishes that harmonized the bold flavors of the Mediterranean with the exotic spices of Thailand.

Under Garavaglia's stewardship, Côte by Mauro Colagreco soared to new heights, earning a coveted MICHELIN Star in the prestigious MICHELIN Guide Thailand from 2022 to the present 2024. His culinary creations were celebrated for their ingenuity and finesse, a testament to his unwavering dedication to his craft.

Beyond accolades and awards, Garavaglia's true passion lies in the art of storytelling through food. With each dish, he seeks to evoke memories, stir emotions, and transport diners on a journey of gastronomic delight. From the serene banks of the Bangkok Riverside to the bustling streets of the city, his culinary vision remains resolute amidst the hazy air of the Thai capital.

Côte at Capella Bangkok

Nestled within the opulent surroundings of the Capella Bangkok hotel, Côte presents itself as a destination for refined dining. Situated against the backdrop of the lively Chao Phraya River, the restaurant's intimate yet well-lit dining area offers extensive views, setting the scene for a notable culinary affair.

Côte's main draw is its degustation menus, available for both lunch and dinner, crafted by Chef Davide. These menus promise contemporary renditions of Mediterranean classics, ranging from Nice to Genoa. Attention to detail is a hallmark of Côte's experience. The customized ceramic dinnerware, produced by local artisans, adds an artistic element to each dish. The service, managed by a professional staff, is characterized by efficiency and attentiveness.

While Chef Colagreco isn't a constant presence, his culinary philosophy permeates the restaurant. Côte's menu highlights Mediterranean seafood, emphasizing freshness and flavor. Ingredients, including herbs, citrus fruits, and vegetables, are locally sourced, contributing to a vibrant dining experience. Sustainability and seasonality are integral to Côte's approach. The restaurant selects line-caught seafood daily for quality assurance, while the menu evolves with the changing seasons and chef's inspirations.



The Famous citron olive oil and bread

Brittany Brown Crab / Almond / Rose

BBQ Oyster / "King Trumpet" Mushroom / Yeast Foam

Red Mullet/ Red Prawn / Red Shiso

Langoustine / White Asparagus / Vin Jaune sauce

Mimolette Ravioli / Bottarga / Green Peas

Abalone / Artichoke / Black Truffle

Roasted Duck / Red Cabbage / Pear

Yoghurt / Blueberries / Kaffir Lime


Green Apple / Shiso

Côte at Capella Bangkok offers an immersive culinary journey through the Mediterranean, with each dish crafted to tell a story. For those seeking a memorable dining experience in Bangkok, Côte presents itself as an option worth considering. Highly recommendable.


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