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SOLBAM X Florilege X Eatanic Garden

SOLBAM X Florilege X Eatanic Garden

During Asia's 50 Best 2024 in Seoul...

You know, it's a big party.

Seoul's most rising stars to the global food scene, Eatanic Garden and Solbam, and you know - everyone's favorite place in Tokyo, Florilege presented a beautiful collaboration.

Dinner started with each restaurant's signature bites with a glass of Krug. The gem-like Japchae of chef Son, Morel Mandu by chef Eom and Karasumi on seaweed waffle by chef Kawate san showed the characters of each. And thanks to Kaviari as this events sponsor, I got really generous amount of Caviar... Indeed. No dispute for more. Paired with champagne, of course.

The taro dish Kawate san brought all the way from Japan was truly inspiring, giving the insight that our nature makes the food. 2 Korean chefs' collaborative dish, Samgyetang and burdock noodles were very comforting. I loved it!!!

When chefs team up in a restaurant collaboration, it's like a big foodie party where everyone brings their best dishes and secret ingredients to share. It's not just about cooking together; it's about swapping stories, trading tips, and getting inspired by each other's cooking styles.🩷🫶 It's all about hanging out, having fun, and creating some seriously tasty eats that leave everyone wanting more.

We had great time sharing love and idea with food... Loved the special taro from Japan - and that massive caviar feast was so fun. Also the cocktail was a pleasant surprise to add some more wit.🍸💫


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