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ITC Maurya: An Opulent Oasis of Delhi

From the moment you first set foot on its grounds, the Maurya envelops you in a genteel, rose-colored dream from which you never want to wake up.

After more than 8 hours of travel from South Korea, I finally arrived in Delhi, feeling weary and jet-lagged. As I collected my luggage at the airport and stepped outside, I was delighted to see the driver holding a sign with my name. I had arranged for a pickup service with the hotel in advance, and it was such a relief to be greeted so warmly. The driver engaged me in friendly conversation about the weather, shared interesting cultural insights, and reminisced about India's rich history, setting a welcoming tone for my stay.

We walked a short distance to where the vehicle was waiting, and stepping inside, I was immediately enveloped in the cool comfort of the air-conditioned car. This thoughtful attention to detail made me realize that my hotel experience had already begun, even before reaching the property. A great trip, I thought, is inseparable from excellent accommodation, where the hotel itself becomes an integral part of the travel experience.

Navigating Delhi's bustling traffic was a whirlwind, but the journey offered glimpses of local life and vibrant scenery. Suddenly, amidst the chaos, we arrived at the serene diplomatic enclave housing the prestigious ITC Maurya hotel.

The sight of the Maurya was breathtaking. Its majestic sandstone facade stood amid lush lawns and vibrant flowers, making a grand yet elegant statement. This iconic hotel has welcomed heads of state, diplomats, and renowned figures like Barack Obama and Saudi royalty. Stepping inside, I was greeted warmly by the hotel's staff, dressed in crisp white uniforms and traditional attire, adding to the hotel's grandeur.

The lobby was a masterpiece, adorned with beautiful artworks and ceiling murals that captivated my attention.

The Suite of ITC Maurya

I was escorted to my truly majestic suite, a sprawling haven that exceeded all expectations. This super spacious suite was more than just a room; it felt like a private luxury apartment within the hotel. As I entered, I was greeted by a dining area with an elegant table, a cozy living room with plush sofas and a flat-screen TV, a dressing room fit for royalty, and not one but two luxurious bathrooms adorned with marble finishes. The opulence continued as I stepped out onto my private balcony, where a small table was set amidst a beautifully manicured garden, offering a serene spot to enjoy morning coffee or unwind after a day of exploring.

The centerpiece of the suite was undoubtedly the bedroom—a sanctuary of comfort and sophistication. The king-sized bed was dressed in fine linens and surrounded by tasteful furnishings that exuded timeless elegance. Large windows allowed natural light to flood the room, creating a bright and airy atmosphere that was both inviting and relaxing.

What truly amazed me was the scale of the suite—it could easily accommodate up to 20 people, yet it was designed for the utmost intimacy and comfort for just two guests. This level of luxury made me feel like royalty, with every detail meticulously planned to ensure a sense of grandeur and exclusivity.

The overall ambiance was one of superlative luxury and sophistication, with every element carefully curated to evoke a sense of indulgence and refinement. From the sumptuous furniture to the plush carpets underfoot, every corner of the suite spoke of unparalleled opulence. To my delight, a butler arrived promptly with a tray of refreshing coconut water and fresh fruit—a thoughtful gesture that rejuvenated my spirits after the long journey. This warm welcome was just the beginning of an unforgettable stay at the ITC Maurya, where every detail was curated to ensure a truly luxurious and memorable experience.

As I settled into this lavish retreat, I couldn't help but feel like I had stepped into a world of unparalleled luxury. It was an experience that transcended mere accommodation—it was an immersion into a lifestyle of extraordinary comfort and elegance. This suite truly made me feel like a queen, surrounded by beauty, comfort, and the utmost luxury.

Wrapped in a robe, I settled onto the sofa and simply gazed out at the magnificent vista - the Maurya's vibrant green gardens fringed by towering palm trees. All fatigue seemed to melt away into these sumptuous surroundings. The butler inquired about drawing me a hot bath infused with essential oils from the spa and arranging for a massage on the suite's private terrace. I demurred for now, content just to revel in the tranquility after my long journey.

Dining Exeprience in ITC Maurya

During my stay I experienced more of the unparalleled luxury for which the Maurya is renowned. The incredible dining was a highlight, especially the legendary Bukhara restaurant where I savored iconic tandoor-cooked kebabs and breads baked in traditional clay ovens to perfection.

Also, never miss the Dum Puhkt. It is a refined restaurant serving an authentic taste of Awadhi cuisine in a setting steeped in history and grandeur, I could immerse myself in the splendor of royal dining and savor the legacy of Dum Pukht—a culinary journey through the courts of Awadh brought to life in modern times.


At the ITC Maurya, the breakfast buffet is a standout experience, reflecting the property's rich history and expertise in food and beverage. The selection is incredibly diverse, offering a delightful mix of traditional Indian dishes and international breakfast options to cater to every palate.

From aromatic South Indian dosas and fluffy idlis to piping hot parathas and fragrant biryanis, the breakfast spread showcases the vibrant flavors of India. For those seeking a taste of home or familiar comfort, there are also continental and American breakfast classics like freshly baked pastries, eggs prepared to your liking, and a selection of cheeses and cold cuts.

A highlight of the breakfast experience is undoubtedly the chai—a quintessential Indian tea that is a must-try for a perfect start to the day. Served piping hot with a blend of spices, milk, and tea leaves, the chai at ITC Maurya is a delightful treat that captures the essence of Indian hospitality and culinary tradition.

The breakfast buffet at ITC Maurya is not just a meal; it's a culinary journey that celebrates the diversity and richness of Indian cuisine while offering something for everyone. Whether you're craving bold flavors or a comforting cup of chai, breakfast at ITC Maurya promises to be a memorable and delicious start to your day.

Spa Exeprience in ITC Maurya

Early morning, I blissed out by the hotel's regal swimming pool set among lush tropical gardens and cabanas. Before I start my excursion, I indulged with rejuvenating treatments in the Kaya Kalp spa's serene therapy rooms.

... and more of ITC Maurya

There are nice cocktails in the distinguished ambiance of the Golf Bar, designed to evoke a refined old English country club.

Yet as opulent as the Maurya was, my abiding memories are of the incredible service and hospitality that made me feel like the hotel's only guest. My butler seemed to intuitively know exactly when I wanted privacy and when I needed her to appear with a pot of hot chai or declicious snacks from the kitchen. She helped me arrange my itinerary based on my personal interest – it was truly helpful. Imagine a local friend, who is there always to help you – would it be any better option one can expect in a foreign city?

From its commitment to sustainability and preserving the environment, to the gallery of museum-worthy Indian artworks gracing its halls, to the impeccably-trained staff that adheres to an almost psychic standard of hospitality, so many special touches elevate the ITC Maurya far beyond traditional five-star luxury. At its core, the hotel marries modern amenities and elite comforts with India's centuries-old traditions of refined service and treating guests like royalty.

In the chaos of Delhi's teeming streets, the Maurya's regal splendor and tranquil gardens provide a much-needed respite. This urban palace cossets you in a cocoon of privileged luxury, allowing you to escape the city's intensity into an atmosphere of exquisite beauty and solicitous care. From the moment you first set foot on its grounds, the Maurya envelops you in a genteel, rose-colored dream from which you never want to wake up.


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