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INJA: Where India Meets Japan

In the heart of New Delhi, amid the elegant setting of The Manor hotel, a culinary revolution is unfolding at INJA—a captivating restaurant that celebrates the marriage of Indian and Japanese flavors with unparalleled creativity.

Imagine the bold flavors of Indian spices mingling harmoniously with delicate Japanese ingredients—this is the essence of INJA, meticulously curated by Dubai-based Indian chef Adwait Anantwar. What started as a lockdown-inspired vision has blossomed into a culinary haven where traditional Indian dishes are reimagined through a Japanese lens.

Located at The Manor hotel, INJA offers an intimate setting with a capacity of 72 covers, both indoors and outdoors. This exclusive locale adds to the allure of the dining experience, making it a must-visit destination for culinary enthusiasts seeking innovation and sophistication.

Chef Adwait's passion for both cuisines shines through in every dish. From Gobhi 65 Maki rolls to Shorse maach donabe pot, each creation is a bold fusion of familiar and unexpected flavors. Signature dishes like Lobster Rasam Chawanmushi and King Crab Raj Kachori showcase the chef's ingenuity, delivering flavor profiles that linger in memory.

Exquisite Cocktails

Complementing the culinary journey at INJA is an exceptional cocktail menu crafted by head mixologist Supradeep Dey. Drawing inspiration from Japanese culture, Dey's cocktails elevate the dining experience with refreshing citrus infusions and intriguing spice elements. Sip on the Inja Secret Tea or indulge in the Lychee Gondhoraaj Martini—a perfect accompaniment to the eclectic flavors on offer. From its exceptional cocktail selection to its striking decor, INJA promises an immersive dining experience like no other.

Immersive Ambiance

Step into INJA and be enchanted by its captivating ambiance—a blend of Japanese minimalism and Indian opulence. Designed by acclaimed international designer Samar Zakhem, the decor features shades of blue, green, and gold, complemented by stone and wood elements. Shibori-style textile artwork adorns the walls, creating a sophisticated yet welcoming atmosphere.

About the chef…

Chef Adwait Anantwar is a culinary trailblazer, combining his passion for Japanese culture with his expertise in Indian cuisine to create a one-of-a-kind dining experience at INJA. The inception of INJA during the lockdown period was inspired by Chef Adwait's desire to explore new culinary horizons and craft a concept that seamlessly merges two distinct culinary traditions—Indian and Japanese.

The idea for INJA arose from Chef Adwait's fascination with Japanese food and culture, coupled with his professional background in Indian cuisine. His vision was to develop a restaurant that embraces the simplicity and minimalism of Japanese cuisine while infusing it with the robust and flavorful elements of Indian cooking. Initially conceptualized as a tandoori omakase experience, INJA evolved through extensive research and experimentation into a pioneering concept that harmoniously blends the best of both worlds.

The menu at INJA is a testament to Chef Adwait's innovative spirit and meticulous attention to detail. Drawing inspiration from a moment of revelation while watching a Japanese food documentary and savoring rasam, Chef Adwait embarked on a culinary journey to create dishes that marry Japanese techniques with Indian flavors. Each dish is carefully crafted to embody visual elements of Japanese cuisine while resonating with the familiar tastes of the Indian palate.

Key considerations in menu preparation include sourcing fresh, seasonal ingredients—locally procured seafood from regions like West Bengal, Vizag, and the Andamans, along with Japanese imports twice a week. The culinary process focuses on achieving a delicate balance of flavors and textures, ensuring each dish is a harmonious symphony of taste.

Infusing Inspiration and Experience

For Chef Adwait, cooking is an art that draws inspiration from life experiences, travels, and encounters. His dishes reflect not only technical expertise but also a creative narrative shaped by personal journeys and encounters with diverse flavors. This approach allows him to craft innovative dishes that resonate with diners, eliciting a sense of curiosity and delight.

The essence of his food philosophy is encapsulated in signature dishes like Lobster Rasam Chawanmushi, Tuna Pomelo Chaat, Papad and Achar "Okinamasu," and Udon Khasi Curry. Each dish represents a harmonious blend of culinary traditions, showcasing Chef Adwait's unique approach to flavor and presentation.

INJA is a culinary journey that invites guests to explore the rich tapestry of Indian and Japanese cuisines. Whether you're seated indoors or enjoying the al fresco ambiance, each visit promises a symphony of flavors and textures carefully orchestrated by Chef Adwait and his team. If you're craving a dining experience that transcends boundaries and surprises the senses, INJA is your destination. From its inventive menu to its captivating ambiance, INJA invites you to indulge in the unexpected and discover a new dimension of culinary delight.


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