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Indian Accent: Savoring Innovation of Indian Cuisine

Amidst the bustling streets, one restaurant consistently stands out: Indian Accent. Nestled within The Lodhi Hotel and led by acclaimed chef Manish Mehrotra, Indian Accent has redefined contemporary Indian cuisine with a global perspective.

A Culinary Journey

Indian Accent presents a captivating menu that reflects Chef Manish Mehrotra's inventive approach to Indian food. The restaurant's signature chef tasting menu—a six-course exploration of Indian flavors with optional wine pairings—serves as a culinary love letter, showcasing a fusion of traditional ingredients and innovative techniques. Inspired by the thali experience, seasonal tasting menus artfully blend nutritional food groups into a symphony of tastes and textures.

For daytime diners, a simpler yet equally delightful four-course lunch menu awaits, complete with vegetarian options. Additionally, an à la carte menu offers Indian Accent's "greatest hits," ensuring there's something to suit every palate.

Inventive Flavors

What truly distinguishes Indian Accent is Chef Manish Mehrotra's "inventive Indian" style—a harmonious blend of local traditions with international influences. The chef's tasting menu delights diners with creative dishes like house-made paneer with sarson saag or meetha achaar pork ribs, showcasing Chef Mehrotra's culinary prowess and storytelling through food.

The Tasting Menu

chaats from the streets of delhi

kanyakumari crab, garlic, tellicherry pepper

kashmiri morel musallam, roast walnuts

meetha achaar pork spare ribs, carambola, and bihari tash meat, ole chutney, sattu roti

black dairy dal / wasabi, summer kakdi raita / indian accent kulcha

doodh jalebi - pistachio and white chocolate gujia

‘aamras puri’, cheesecake, white chocolate, raspberry

Indian Accent's culinary excellence hasn't gone unnoticed. Consistently ranked as India's best restaurant, it has garnered numerous accolades, including top honors from TripAdvisor and Condé Nast Traveller. Chef Manish Mehrotra himself has been recognized as the "Best Chef in India" by American Express, earning acclaim as one of the most exciting modern Indian chefs globally.

For anyone seeking a dining experience that transcends expectations, Indian Accent remains the quintessential destination. Whether indulging in the chef's tasting menu or savoring the à la carte offerings, guests are treated to a symphony of flavors that celebrate the rich tapestry of Indian cuisine.

In the heart of Delhi, Indian Accent continues to redefine modern gastronomy, inviting patrons to embark on a culinary adventure that is as unforgettable as it is innovative!!!


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