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COMO Metropolitan Singapore: A cozy stay in the heart of the city

Como Metropolitan Singapore is a centrally located in the city and offers a cozy urban retreat with studio apartment-style rooms, gourmet dining experiences and welness programs

Nestled in Singapore's bustling landscape, the COMO Group operates as a provider of hospitality, fashion, and wellness experiences. Led by founder-owner Christina Ong, the group embodies an ethos that emphasizes lifestyle and philosophy. Headquartered in Singapore, the COMO Group manages various ventures, each emphasizing authenticity and individuality.

At its core, COMO Hotels and Resorts offer luxurious accommodations worldwide. From the Maldives to London, COMO's properties prioritize refined elegance and comfort. Established in 1991 by Christina Ong and Ong Beng Seng, the company began with The Halkin hotel in London, setting the stage for exceptional hospitality.

However, the COMO experience extends beyond luxury; it encompasses wellness and organic living. Through subsidiaries like COMO Shambhala, the group promotes wellness through platforms like their wellness app and website, providing tools for balance and vitality.

The COMO Group reflects vision and dedication, integrating diverse elements into refined living. Celebrating diversity and authenticity, it welcomes travelers and connoisseurs to explore a journey that goes beyond the ordinary.

Como Metropolitan Singapore

For over three decades, COMO Hotels and Resorts has been a titan in the realm of luxury hospitality, enchanting global travelers with its exquisite offerings. Yet, it's a tale of homecoming that unfolds with the debut of COMO Orchard—a dazzling development in the heart of Singapore, marking the group's triumphant return to its roots.

Nestled within this 19-story tower, an opulent tapestry of COMO brands converges under one roof, from haute couture to holistic wellness, culinary delights to unparalleled hospitality embodied by COMO Metropolitan Singapore. Here, 156 rooms and suites, exuding contemporary elegance, await guests, adorned with the finest Italian furnishings courtesy of Giorgetti. Renowned architects Paola Navone and interior designers Koichiro Ikebuchi and Preeti Sriratana orchestrate a symphony of cosmopolitan chic, infusing every corner with an allure that rivals Singapore's most captivating landmarks.

This hotel is very new- it has been open for less than 6 months. The grand unveiling of COMO Metropolitan Singapore in September 2023 marked a milestone—a long-awaited homecoming for the COMO Group, accentuated by a dedicated floor for the iconic COMO Shambhala wellness concept and a rooftop oasis boasting an infinity pool and bar, offering panoramic views of the city skyline.

What to Expect…

A cozy stay in the heart of the city

The essence of any hotel experience lies in its sleeping quarters. In essence, this hotel feels like the realization of the dream: "What if you had a home in downtown Singapore?" With rooms featuring compact sinks and kitchens, it evokes the feel of a studio apartment nestled in the city center rather than an impersonal lodging. The inviting interior design, plush furniture, snug beds, proximity to subway stations, and views of the bustling cityscape from the windows, coupled with easy access to Singapore's renowned shopping centers, ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Foodies’ Amusement Park

COMO Orchard is not merely a hotel—it's a destination for foodies. Some epicurean delights await at COTE Singapore, an outpost of Simon Kim's acclaimed Korean steakhouse. With Michelin-starred credentials and a reputation for culinary excellence, COTE promises an unforgettable dining experience that tantalizes the senses.

For those with a sweet tooth, the arrival of Cédric Grolet's first Asian outpost is cause for celebration. The French patissier, renowned for his mesmerizing confections and 9.3 million Instagram followers, brings his delectable creations to Singapore, drawing crowds with each exquisite bite.

And amidst the culinary indulgence, Como Cuisine offers a casual retreat, serving up a medley of Western classics and nourishing dishes inspired by Como Shambhala's wellness ethos. It's a place where health-conscious diners and food aficionados alike can find common ground.

Breakfast at Como Cuisine

Como Cuisine offers a wellness-focused dining experience. For breakfast, guests can enjoy a selection of fresh fruits and a simple semi-buffet, all prepared by the chef upon order. Highlighting the menu is Cédric Grolet's renowned croissant, accompanied by various coffee options. (Being part of the breakfast package is highly advantageous, as there's usually a queue just for these croissants!) In line with its wellness concept, the menu also includes fresh vegetable dishes and local specialties that capture the essence of Singapore's culinary diversity. Of course, there are classic breakfast options like egg dishes and French toast that appeal to diners from all over the world.

Shopping and Retreat

Two floors within the complex are dedicated to Club 21, a fashion destination showcasing a diverse array of international brands alongside sought-after Japanese and Korean labels. Here, fashion enthusiasts can explore a carefully curated collection of haute couture to satisfy their sartorial cravings.

At the core of the establishment lies COMO Metropolitan Singapore, a haven of sophistication and serenity. Featuring a COMO Shambhala spa and stylishly designed accommodations envisioned by renowned architect Paola Navone, the hotel emanates an understated elegance that harmonizes with Singapore's cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Beyond its fashion offerings, COMO Orchard serves as a sanctuary for holistic well-being. COMO Shambhala takes center stage with an entire floor dedicated to wellness, offering a fully equipped spa, daily yoga and Pilates sessions, and a state-of-the-art gym—a tranquil retreat amidst the urban hustle and bustle.


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