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Chef Mingoo Kang Unveils the Essence of Korean Cuisine in His New Cookbook "Jang"

A Culinary Journey Through Tradition and Innovation

Renowned Korean chef Mingoo Kang, celebrated for his groundbreaking approach to Korean cuisine, has recently launched his first cookbook, "Jang:The Soul of Korean Cooking." The book delves into the heart of Korean cooking, showcasing the importance of jangs – traditional fermented sauces that form the backbone of Korean culinary artistry.

Chef Mingoo Kang's culinary journey is a testament to his commitment to mastering diverse culinary traditions. After becoming the youngest-ever head chef at Nobu Bahama in his early 30s, Kang further honed his skills under the guidance of the esteemed Spanish chef Martin Berasategui. Despite his global success, Kang felt a yearning to deepen his understanding of Korean cuisine.

Returning to Seoul in 2014, Kang embarked on a mission to explore the rich tapestry of Korean cooking, focusing on traditional temple cuisine. He seamlessly merged eastern and western culinary techniques, creating a signature style that blends innovation with tradition. Collaborating with experts like Buddhist monk Jeong Kwan and chef Cho Hee-sook, Kang refined his culinary philosophy, setting the stage for the evolution of Korean cuisine.

Mingles: A Gastronomic Haven

Kang's restaurant, Mingles, has become a culinary haven, attracting both local and international patrons. Mingles is renowned for its inventive reinterpretations of Korean dishes, showcasing Kang's technical prowess and international experience. The restaurant's seven-course tasting menu not only pays homage to traditional hansik but also highlights Kang's unique approach to gastronomy.

Jang: Elevating Korean Cuisine to New Heights

Chef Mingoo Kang's passion for innovation, combined with a commitment to preserving tradition, led to the creation of "Jang." In this groundbreaking cookbook, Kang introduces readers to the essential trio of Korean traditional fermented sauces – gochujang, doenjang, and ganjang. These umami-rich sauces, akin to butter in French or olive oil in Italian cuisine, play a crucial role in Korean dishes, adding depth and complexity.

The Book: An Exploration of Hidden Secrets

"In his first cookbook, Kang expertly weaves jangs’ history and methods into 60 accessible recipes to bring the sauces to life," explains the book's description. From Fish Dumplings to Gang-Doenjang Bibimbap, Kang showcases the sauces' traditional roots. The cookbook also features Western-inspired recipes like Doenjang Crème Brulee and Ssamjang Cacio e Pepe, demonstrating the versatility of jangs in both Korean and international cuisines.

Chef Mingoo Kang's "Jang" is not just a cookbook; it's a culinary journey that unveils the secrets of Korean cuisine. By sharing his expertise and passion for jangs, Kang has opened a gateway for both seasoned cooks and home enthusiasts to explore the depth and versatility of Korean flavors. As the first English-language book on the subject, "Jang" promises to be a valuable addition to the culinary world, inviting readers to embark on a gastronomic adventure through the heart of Korean tradition and innovation.


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