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Ando X Soigne

A Culinary Fusion: Soigne and Ando Collaborate at Asia's 50 Best 2024 Ceremony

During the prestigious Asia's 50 Best Restaurants 2024 ceremony, an exceptional collaboration unfolded between two esteemed culinary establishments: Soigne and Ando. Led by renowned chefs Lee Jun and Agustin Balbi respectively, this collaboration was a delightful convergence of diverse flavors and culinary styles, resulting in a truly memorable dining experience.

Ando: A Fusion of Argentinian and Japanese Influences

Chef Agustin Balbi's Ando, situated in Hong Kong, encapsulates a unique blend of Argentinian heritage and Japanese culinary finesse. Having perfected his craft in Japan, Balbi's tasting menu at Ando reflects a personal journey, intertwining his ancestral roots with strong Japanese influences. Diners are treated to an immersive experience in a minimalistic dining room, where each dish, including the signature Sin Lola and the caldoso rice, pays homage to Balbi's grandmother and showcases his culinary prowess.

Soigne: Inspired by Global Cuisine with Korean Philosophy

Meaning "well-groomed" in French, Soigne lives up to its name with Chef Lee Jun's elegant and creative menu. Combining global culinary inspirations with a touch of Korea's culinary philosophy, Chef Lee's dishes at Soigne are modern yet grounded in local ingredients. Each dish is meticulously crafted, akin to episodes in a gastronomic story, with unique colors and lyrical flow. Guests are encouraged to explore the suggested wine pairings for a fully immersive gustatory experience.

The Collaboration: A Harmonious Blend of Culinary Identities

The collaboration between Soigne and Ando during the Asia's 50 Best 2024 ceremony was a testament to the artistry and creativity of both chefs. Each course presented was a joint effort, seamlessly blending the individual identities of Chef Lee Jun and Chef Agustin Balbi. Diners witnessed a symphony of flavors where Argentinian and Japanese influences harmonized with global inspirations and Korean philosophy.

The dining experience curated by Soigne and Ando showcased the essence of culinary innovation and collaboration. It exemplified the spirit of Asia's 50 Best Restaurants, celebrating diversity, creativity, and the art of gastronomy. This memorable event left guests enchanted by the seamless fusion of flavors and styles, a true reflection of the culinary talents driving the evolution of Asia's culinary landscape.


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