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A50B Female Chef's Gala

Korea House X Potong X Lolla X Soul

Celebrating Culinary Excellence: Female Chefs Shine at Asia’s 50 Best 2024

The final event of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2024 was a captivating celebration of culinary artistry and female empowerment, held at the enchanting Korea House. The venue, adorned with traditional Korean architecture, provided a picturesque backdrop for an extraordinary collaboration featuring four exceptionally talented female chefs, three of whom have been honored with the prestigious 'Best Female Chef Award'.

The Collaborative Culinary Masterpiece

Chef Pam of Potong, Johannes of Lolla, Hee-eun of Soul, and the renowned Chef Cho Hee-sook, often referred to as the "godmother of hansik," came together to craft a beautifully elegant dinner course. Each chef brought her unique culinary style to the table, yet there was a seamless harmony in every dish that reflected their collective dedication to perfection. Guests experienced a culinary journey where the hands of these talented chefs spoke volumes, showcasing their expertise and creativity.

Empowering Female Chefs in the Culinary Realm

This exceptional culinary collaboration not only delighted the senses but also highlighted the challenges and triumphs of female chefs in the culinary industry. Despite societal expectations and biases, these chefs have shattered barriers with their exceptional talents and determination. The event served as an inspiring testament to women's capabilities in the culinary world, encouraging more women worldwide to pursue their passion for gastronomy.

Spotlight on Each Chef's Culinary Legacy

Each chef brings a unique story and culinary legacy:

- Potong by Chef Pam: A Thai-Chinese fine dining restaurant housed in a historical Sino-Portuguese building, where rustic charm meets modern cuisine. Chef Pam's progressive tasting menu, highlighted by dishes like aged duck breast, is a testament to her innovative approach to storytelling through food.

- Lolla by Chef Johannes: With a vibrant turquoise-tiled facade and bold Mediterranean flavors infused with Asian touches, Lolla offers generous portions meant for sharing. Chef Johannes' culinary creations reflect bold flavors and a passion for seasonal ingredients.

- Soul by Chef Hee-eun: Located in Seoul, Soul is Chef Hee-eun Kim's bold experiment in stylish fine dining, fusing diverse culinary traditions with everyday tastes to create unique fusion dishes that are soulful and memorable.

- Korea House by Chef Cho Hee-sook: Chef Cho Hee-sook, hailed as the "godmother of hansik," is renowned for her efforts in preserving Korea's traditional cuisine. Her leadership at Korea House symbolizes a lifelong dedication to culinary heritage and innovation.

A Toast to Culinary Diversity and Excellence

The collaborative dinner at Asia’s 50 Best 2024 ceremony was not just a culinary event but a celebration of diversity, creativity, and the indomitable spirit of female chefs. As the evening unfolded with exquisite dishes and inspiring narratives, guests were treated to a remarkable showcase of culinary excellence and empowered visions for the future of gastronomy. This event leaves an indelible mark, inspiring aspiring chefs and food enthusiasts alike to embrace passion, innovation, and inclusivity in the culinary arts.


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