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Gaggan X Goh X Salt

A Night of Culinary Camaraderie: Gohgan's Showcase at Salt

Yes, it was Curry night!!!

In a celebration of culinary friendship and creativity, Chef Gaggan Anand of Gaggan in Bangkok and Chef Takeshi Fukuyama of Goh in Fukuoka came together to host a memorable mingling night, aptly named Gohgan, after the Asia's 50 Best Award Ceremony. The event took place at Chef Sinae Hong's renowned restaurant, Salt, located in Seoul.

Gaggan Anand and Takeshi Fukuyama, both highly acclaimed chefs in their own right, have long shared a passion for food and a deep-seated friendship. Their collaborative venture, Gohgan, was born in 2022, representing a fusion of their culinary talents and philosophies.

At Salt in Seoul, guests were treated to an evening of exceptional dishes crafted with finesse and creativity, showcasing a harmonious blend of Indian and Japanese influences. Each course reflected the unique culinary styles of both chefs, highlighting their shared love for pushing boundaries and surprising palates.

The mingling night at Salt served as a testament to the power of culinary collaboration and the joy of sharing food with like-minded individuals. It was a truly humble yet unforgettable gathering that celebrated the artistry and camaraderie of Chef Gaggan Anand, Chef Takeshi Fukuyama, and the culinary community at large!!!

Food is all about love.


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