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#50BestTalks Event 2024 in Seoul

Exploring the World of Fermentation: Highlights from the #50BestTalks Event

The recent #50BestTalks event, held at the Four Seasons Hotel Seoul, showcased a captivating exploration into the art of fermentation through the lens of three distinguished culinary experts.

This year's theme, "Food of the People," celebrated the rich culinary heritage of Asia and its deep connection to fermented dishes.

Peter Cuong Franklin: From Banker to Chef

Peter Cuong Franklin's journey from a successful banking career to acclaimed chef is a testament to resilience and passion. Born during the Vietnam War and later settling in the US, Franklin's culinary adventure began with a desire for new experiences. At the event, Franklin shared his renowned fermented fish sauce, crafted with locally sourced ingredients and seasoned ferments. Guests were treated to a taste of traditional Vietnamese street food, reflecting Franklin's dedication to honoring his heritage at his celebrated restaurant, Anăn Saigon.

Johanne Siy: Championing Filipino Flavors

Asia's Best Female Chef, Johanne Siy, captivated audiences with her innovative approach to fermentation. Drawing inspiration from her childhood in the Philippines, Siy's restaurant Lolla in Singapore offers a menu that marries international influences with traditional Filipino flavors. Her presentation highlighted a range of Filipino fermented foods, from rice to fish, showcasing the diversity and depth of Filipino culinary traditions.

Richie Lin: Mastering Taiwanese Cuisine

Chef Richie Lin, owner of Taipei's Michelin-starred MUME, introduced attendees to the intricacies of Taiwanese pickling and preserving techniques. Lin's culinary philosophy centers on creating unique flavors using hyper-seasonal ingredients and innovative methods. His dedication to crafting unforgettable dining experiences reflects in his restaurant's fusion of Asian-inspired dishes.

Chef Kim Do-yun: Craftsmanship of Naengmyeon

Chef Kim Do-yun of Yun Seoul transported guests back to the 18th century with his insights into the meticulous craftsmanship behind naengmyeon, Korean cold noodles. Kim's dedication to sourcing the finest ingredients and perfecting traditional recipes demonstrated the artistry behind seemingly simple dishes. Attendees were treated to a live demonstration of Kim's process, including the intricate preparation of sesame oil using a diverse array of sesame seeds collected from across the country.

Ha Mi-hyun: Unveiling Korea's Culinary Secrets

Ha Mi-hyun, CEO of Spoken Company, offered a fascinating glimpse into Korea's culinary traditions, emphasizing the significance of regional and seasonal diversity in kimchi. Ha's exploration of spoken recipes across Korea underscores the importance of preserving and celebrating everyday culinary heritage.

The #50BestTalks event concluded with a deeper appreciation for the profound stories and craftsmanship woven into Asia's fermented dishes. Each expert's journey illuminated the cultural significance and innovation inherent in traditional recipes, underscoring the enduring appeal of fermented foods in Asian cuisine.

As the culinary world continues to embrace diversity and tradition, events like #50BestTalks provide a platform for celebrating the untold stories behind beloved dishes and the artisans who bring them to life.


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