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A Sweet Afternoon Escape: Park Hyatt Seoul's French Goûter Delight

Park Hyatt Seoul is showcasing "French Goûter," featuring the renowned classical dessert menu of France by chef Narae Kim

Head chef Sang-hyup Jung and the executive pastry chef Jimyeong Lee of The Lounge at Park Hyatt Seoul, collaborates with the renowned pastry chef, Narae Kim from Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme.


French Goûter, described as a special afternoon snack, will be showcased at <The Lounge> from March 11 to April 21. In French, "Goûter" originally means "taste" and refers to an afternoon snack or light meal. Similar to afternoon tea in England, it is traditionally enjoyed by children after school, featuring delicacies like biscuits, pastries, jam-filled bread, and chocolate brioche.


Chef Narae Kim, the 2024 Gault & Millau Pastry Chef of the Year, has curated a delightful menu for "French Goûter," adding a touch of creativity to this special afternoon experience. Notable treats include the Hazelnut Paris Brest, a personal favorite of Chef Kim.


Having earned two gold medals at the World Global Pastry Chef Challenge, Chef Kim's international expertise from Seoul, Guam, Vietnam to France has culminated in her being recognized as the best pastry chef in the 2024 Gault & Millau guide. This prestigious guide, established in 1972, is considered on par with the Michelin Guide and awards excellence in various categories, marking the first time a foreign woman and a Korean have been recognized in the confectionery category.


3 kinds of savory snacks by chef Jung

Collaborating with Chef Jung of Park Hyatt Seoul's <The Lounge>, the duo aims to deliver an extraordinary "French Goûter" experience, featuring a special snack with France's classical dessert menu. The menu includes tantalizing options such as truffle croque monsieur, Jambon Beurre, and lobster roll saber, showcasing the chefs' creativity and inspiration.

French Goûter by Park Hyatt Seoul

To enhance the overall experience, complimentary double cream dessert, featuring seasonal fruits, fennel-scented granité, and milk-flavored ice cream, is served. The main desserts include Paris Brest, cookies, Marvel cake, seasonal fruit tart, and brioche chocolate tart.

The Lounge, offering a vibrant panoramic view of the city center, has been recognized as the best pastry shop of 2023 by La LISTE, a global gastronomic guide organized by the French Tourism Organization. The diverse dessert menu includes modern Korean dining using seasonal ingredients and a creative afternoon tea set.


Priced at 68,000 won per person, reservations for this limited-time gourmet experience can be made at The Lounge at 02 2016 1235 or the Park Hyatt Seoul Representative at 02 2016 1234. Don't miss the chance to embark on a new gourmet journey, savoring the authentic flavors of French cuisine.


Mini Interview with Chef Narae Kim


What inspired you to become a pastry chef?

My journey into pastry began at the age of 15 when the first bakery academy opened in my hometown. In my first year of high school, I passionately convinced my parents to enroll in the academy, earning a certificate as a bakery and bakery craftsman. The joy of baking and sharing with family and friends, embracing the aesthetics of "sharing," fueled my love for pastry.

You've worked in various cities. What draws you to working in Paris, and how has it shaped your career?

Working in different cities exposed me to diverse cultures, but Paris holds a unique allure. Despite surface changes in fashion and art, the city itself has maintained a timeless charm over the past 5 or 10 years. The coexistence of tradition and trend-setting elements is particularly captivating.

Can you share insights into your daily life at work and your key responsibilities?

In France, where gastronomy thrives, the work hours for cooks are quite extensive. I spend the majority of my daily life in the kitchen, focusing on developing new menus each season. As the chef, I also play a central role in managing the team and overseeing the restaurant's overall operations.

Reflecting on your career, what has been the most memorable and meaningful moment?

Being recognized as the best pastry chef in the 2024 Gault & Millau guide stands out as a pinnacle in my career. The honor of the nomination in France and the culmination of my efforts were truly rewarding through this prestigious acknowledgment.

Looking back, what achievement are you most proud of?

I believe my consistent and steady approach to my work has been my greatest achievement.

What aspirations do you hold for the future?

My longstanding dream of working in France has been realized, and my focus now is on consistently producing excellent confectionery. I look forward to embracing new opportunities that come my way.

"my focus now is on consistently producing excellent confectionery"

■ <The Lounge>, Park Hyatt Seoul 24F

■ March 11th – April 21st, 2024

 2 p.m.– 5:30 p.m on weekdays. / 12 p.m.– 5:30 p.m on weekends

■ 3 types of savory snacks, pre-dessert, 5 types of sweet selection, coffee or tea

■ Price: 68,000 won


<더 라운지, ‘프렌치 구떼 (French Goûter)>


■ 파크 하얏트 서울 24층 더 라운지

■ 2024년 3월 11일 – 4월21일

 주중 오후 2시 – 오후 5시 30분 / 주말 오후 12시 – 오후 5시 30분

■ 구성: 세이버리 3종, 프리 디저트, 스위트 셀럭션 5종, 커피 또는 티 

■ 가격: 6만 8천원


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